It is time for new glasses!

If you are like me, there are things that can really get under your skin throughout the day. The kids are arguing about that toy that nobody cared about until the other brother touched it. Those 5 loads of laundry are still waiting to be folded. The question that I ask myself every single day, “what am I going to make for dinner tonight??” (Even though instead of “yum! Thanks for this healthy food”, I often hear “ugh! I don’t like this!!”) Sometimes, these things can weigh on us and spiral us into cloud of frustration. How about trying to find something to wear and nothing fits any more?

Is there any way to change the way we see these things going on in our house and have a changed mindset? Sometimes, it just feels hopeless.

I came across this incredible picture a while ago, and it always hits me in the right spot each time I see it.

What a different way to look at things, eh? This is a good reminder to me to take off my "old glasses" of frustration and complaining and put on some "new glasses" of gratefulness to have a different perspective! One thing I love about being an American living in Canada is having two Thanksgivings to celebrate! Granted, in Canada, it is not as big of a holiday as it is back home in the States, but I don’t care. We love the food and find that a good enough reason to have this delicious meal twice in a year! It is also a perfect reminder to take the time and be grateful about what we do have - even if those “blessings” feel like a burden.

One year, I started a “Thankful Jar”. I put it on the counter and every day or so, I wrote down one thing I was thankful for. It was exciting to see the pieces of paper fill up in the jar. On those days that I felt things were off or I wasn’t feeling very grateful, I pulled out a few pieces of paper and read them. It was helpful to be reminded of what things I had appreciated earlier in the year.

Sometimes people are in really hard situations and need help to change what is going on around them. If you are dealing with depression or need the professional help from a counselor or doctor, it is really important to take the right steps in caring for yourself.

However, sometimes we just need a changed perspective. Instead of seeing sticky cheerios under the table as a nuisance, we can be grateful for the little ones sitting around our table and the family time shared. I really dread having to put gas in the car in the middle of winter (it gets SO cold in Montreal!) I want to be grateful for the vehicle that transports our family and the money to purchase gas so we can get around. Maybe next time, instead of getting frustrated at your little ones for arguing, put on "new glasses" and see it as an opportunity to teach your children about working together. Every situation can be a teachable moment!

Lets end with two very important questions: What are some things that help you when you feel stuck in a cycle of frustration or discontentment? And what is your favourite Thanksgiving food? :)

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